Sunday, July 18, 2010

Teen Week II


I just completed my second week of teen camp! I had 12 campers in my cabin, and boy were they rowdy! At the beginning of the week, 6 of my campers indicated that they were unsaved, but by the end of the week I was able to see 5 of them saved, and one deal with assurance! Overall it was a physically straining, but great week! My team, the Sodbusters, won the competition again making us 4-0 over the Cowpokes! Go BLUE!

During the week I got challenged by a girls cabin to the toilet paper bride competition. This is usually a competition that takes place between two girls cabins, but for some reason they challenged my cabin. There were actually three guys cabins that got challenged by three girls cabins in the same night, so we decided to head to the fireside room and make it a public event. Out of the three separate competitions, here are the winners...

I won!

I also won the cheesy bride smile competition : P

Mary won!

Ben won! (he was the only Cowpoke to win the competition)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Frogs in the shower!


It all started with the discovery of mice in my cabin, then I walked into the bathroom the other day and found these little guys crawling all over the showers! There must have been about 10 of them! It made me think about the plague of frogs that God brought upon Egypt.

It was hard to get pictures of them because they were in constant motion!

One was perched up near the ventilation fan.

He was camouflaged pretty well against the ventilation cover.

I walked back into my cabin and turned on the light when I saw this little guy fall off the ceiling. He immediately jumped on the back of the door and stayed there for a while. He was by far the most cooperative while I took his picture. : P

He was about as big as your thumbnail...I wonder how many frogs made it into my bed that night...

Weekend Trip

This past weekend Suzy, Mary, Sarah, and myself went to Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was a quick trip, but we had a lot of fun. We attended the 4th of July picnic at Suzy and Mary's church. We played some volleyball as well as many other sports. Here I am trying to set Mary up for a spike, but I guess she had other plans. : P

I tried to jump serve a little bit during the game. My motto is, "If at first you don't succeed, STOP!". That was the end of the jump serving...

I love this picture because it looks like I am mad at Mary, and am telling her what to do. (The last part was probably true!)

Tizzy and Suzy not paying attention to the volleyball game, and using up the battery on my camera! : P

Teen Week I


I just finished my first teen week at Camp Joy! It was a blast being a team leader and counselor! I was able to lead one boy to the Lord, and had the opportunity to disciple another! I had seven campers in my cabin this week, and like before, we got perfect scores on cabin cleanup! My cabin must be lucky : P

Leading my team in the fence building competition at the rodeo. (we won!)

Lydia and Me

Mary, Lydia, Suzy, and Me

At the end of the week the Sodbusters (my team!) won and we got to fly our team flag! GO BLUE!