Saturday, June 26, 2010

They're hitched!


Well they are finally married! This is their second kiss! I got their first kiss on video, but I still need to work on getting it formatted so I can post it.

What would a wedding be without a little craziness? This wasn't the half of it! More pictures will come of all the crazy things we did!

I was assigned to drive the newlyweds to the airport...lucky me.

And they're off! Have fun kids!

Mowing the lawn


I decided to take my turn mowing the lawn while I was away from camp.

Like the red shades?

You can usually catch me doing something weird whenever there is a camera around.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week off from camp


I took a week off for Katie's wedding, so I thought I would have some fun while I was at home. Some of us went into the yard to hit the volleyball around. We ended up trying to keep it out of the pond more than we actually hit it around.

Rachel serving.

They were on the ground more than they were on their feet!

I have such cruel sisters!

2012 Olympians...HA!

I was gonna flip off the trampoline, but my sisters reminded me that I am supposed to be in a wedding on Friday. What a way to kill fun!

My camera is amazing! It not only takes a picture of you, but your guardian angels as well! One of Rach's guardian angels kinda looks like me! Well, at least he likes Michigan!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leadership, Music, and Speech Camp


My first week of camp came and went very fast! Here is a picture of the guys in my cabin. I knew most of the guys already, so it was easy to adjust with them. We were the cleanest bunch on the campground! We scored five 100%'s in a row for cabin cleanup! (three of those were 101%!) We set a new record for Camp Joy!

Me with Matthew and Philip (like the red shades?).

Me and Evangelist Mike Shrock. What a nut! (takes one to know one I guess) He definitely goes on my list of favorite preachers!

Moving In


Here are some pictures of my cabin. This is "home" for the summer.

I was rearranging some furniture, and look what I found under the dresser...MICE! Yep, there was a big mouse nest underneath my dresser!

One mouse nest wasn't enough for me, so I was blessed with TWO! I found a mouse nest under BOTH dressers in the room. I set up some mouse traps around the cabin, so I will keep you posted on my mouse situation.


As counselors we were all required to take a CPR class. Believe it or not, we passed the class! We got to keep these cool masks for performing CPR if the need should arise.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camp Joy

This summer I am a counselor at Camp Joy in Whitewater, WI.

During training week we hiked to the bog and lookout point. Stephen, Mary, and Suzy decided to lead the hike (what they didn't realize was that by being the first ones to walk up the trail meant that they cleared all the spider webs for the rest of us!)

Climbing wall at the bog.

Underneath the climbing tower at the bog, there is a tunnel. Stephen told all the counselors that if we crawled through it that we could get one free item from the snack shack. All the girls were doing it, so I had to prove I was man enough to do it to. Everyone went through it! I don't think Stephen expected everyone to go through. Needless to say, the snack shack lost money on us that afternoon.

Coming through the tunnel.

Mary coming through the tunnel.

Suzy coming through the tunnel.

Guy counselors and program staff at lookout point.

Girl counselors at lookout point.