Thursday, January 6, 2011



I joined my collegian (the Hawks) mainly because I was recruited to play volleyball for them. Here are a few pictures from one of our regular season games.

I chose the number 18 because everyone knows that the number 18 represents power and skill. Actually, that was the only jersey that fit me...

Here is our team captain tipping the ball over the net. I added this picture because the photographer caught me in an interesting pose in the background : )

This hit was either a point, or I crushed it out of bounds...I will let your imagination decide : )

This one was definitely a kill for a point! I think...

College Life

Here are a bunch of random pictures I took at college.

I opened the door to my dorm room for the first time, and this is what I saw. Home sweet Home : )

One evening my roommate walked into the room with a birthday cake. We didn't have any utensils to eat it with, so we did the next best thing...grab a handful and start eating! : )

On one of our collegian outings we played shuffleboard. It was kinda funny to see a bunch of college guys playing shuffleboard until 3 a.m., but at least we will be prepared for retirement : )

A pizza a day keeps hunger away : )

Eating healthy as usual...

These little guys are all over the place in the summer. They can be hard to find at times because they change color to blend with their surroundings. I was able to get a picture before this one camouflaged itself.

One weekend a few of us guys went down to Fort Pickens Beach. We were going to attempt harpoon fishing, but we couldn't find any fish no matter how far we down we swam. Instead of fishing, we climbed an abandoned pier and spent the rest of our time diving off of the ten foot tall pier into the water.


Hey all! I apologize for not posting sooner than now. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took while at school : )

I finally left for Pensacola Christian College at the end of August! I arrived safely after a long drive down with my grandparents (Thanks again grandpa and grandma for taking me to school!). After arriving, I had to attend to some pertinent business...THE BEACH!!!

Pensacola Beach is awesome! My grandparents and I spent a few hours driving around the Pensacola Beach area taking pictures and walking along the beach.

A lifeguard watchtower on the beach.

Always on the lookout for a nice scenery picture...

Birds (I think pelicans) looking at the bridge leading towards Pensacola.

I thought this was funny. There was this orange-colored building right on the beach with an old, ATM on the side...random!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our first car...gone!


It happened on the dark and dreary evening of the 28th of August. This was not any ordinary evening, it was THE evening...the evening that Phil and I sold our first car. Sad as it was, it was time to retire the license plate number, 335-NDF. Our little car served us well (although it barely ran!). Phil put our car up for sale on Craigslist, and within 15 minutes he got 4 calls...2 hours later the car was sold!

On more than one occasion, our muffler fell off while we were driving, so we had to do something to keep it from dragging the ground! Gotta love bungie cords!

I remember the time that our car always had a small stash of Mountain Dew in the trunk : ) Back then we ate VERY healthy. We ate our "greens" about 3-6 times a day!

And then there was the time that we decorated our car for Katie and Adam's wedding. We filled it with balloons and wrote all over it with shaving cream.

We did a lot of crazy things with that car...

I remember the time when we packed 8 guys in this car! I am also pretty sure that we killed the suspension by doing that...

When we bought it, it had an engine knock and a broken door handle. When we sold it, it was running on 3 of its 4 cylinders, had 2 broken door handles, still had an engine knock, and no front suspension...but it still ran! To top it all off, the guy who bought it got saved!

Parting is such sweet sorrow! I am sure that we will get over it someday...ok, we're over it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Midwest farmland photography


Here is some more amateur photography for all my fans!

Soybean field

Country road



...and more corn.

Day trip to Chicago!

Recently our family decided to take a day trip to Chicago. It has been years since our family has been to Chicago (we used to live in one of it's suburbs)! Our dad, native of Chicago, took us for a tour of the "town".

Sears (Willis) Tower

Our first stop in "Chi town" was Navy Pier.

The Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier were really neat...

...especially the fountains.

It kinda reminded me of Florida : )

What would a trip to Navy Pier be without a ride on the famous ferris wheel?

We convinced our parents that a ferris wheel ride would be in everyone's best interest : )

Anna and Rachel preparing to ascend...

The view from the top was awesome!

The John Hancock building overlooking Lake Michigan.

What? Ok, so I like obscure photography...

Dad, Mom, Beth, and Sarah in the other car.

I thought the sun coming through the ferris wheel would make a good picture...others just laughed.

We had fun at Navy Pier, and thankfully nobody went overboard!

Hollandsworth kids

Dad and Mom

Just before we left, Phil and I went for a ride on the chair glide.

As we headed into the city I saw this restaurant called, Yolk. I took a look through the window at the menu, and everything on the menu had to do with eggs! Egg salad, scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, fried get the idea.

Off we went down Michigan Avenue, or as some call it...

..."The Magnificent Mile".

I kinda got separated from the family while I was taking pictures. When I stopped to get my bearings, I looked up and saw this...the Mac store! Home, sweet home!

The place was massive! It had this big, glass staircase going up to the second level of the building which housed their conference room and genius bar.

I came out of the Mac store, and right across the street was the Chicago water tower. This is one of the very few buildings that survived the great Chicago fire of 1871.

You find some strange people in Chicago... strange that I thought this guy was a manikin! I almost went over there and poked him, but he turned and looked at me so I decided not to. : P

Don't ask me what this is, I just took a picture of it.

After walking downtown for a while we went shopping in Water Tower Place. It was the first time I have ever been in a vertical mall. The place had about 10 levels with different stores on each level.

Some random building with the sun gleaming on the glass : )

On the walk back to the van we passed a Bentley! Maybe someday...